MOO Oversized Cape Trench AMC00

Sale price £72 £140
MOO Oversized Hoodie Coat MaxiCoat AMC7

Sale price £65 £127
MOO Maxi Shirt Kimono AMK01

Sale price £43 £74
MOO Oversized Knitted Cardigan

Sale price £77 £160
MOO Loose Fit Denim Cardigan

Sale price £56 £102
MOO Women Vintage Trench with patchwork

Sale price £119 £248
MOO AM113 Maxi Shirt Jacket

Sale price £63 £114
MOO AM12 Oversized Cardigan

Sale price £63 £116
MOO AM1 Oversized Hooded Trench

Sale price £64 £124
MOO Waterproof Hoodie Coat AMC99

Sale price £42 £68
MOO Waterproof Maxi Hoodie Coat AMW45

Sale price £42 £68
MOO Loose Fit Hooded Trench

Sale price £110 £229
MOO Maxi Tench with Striped Back

Sale price £65 £118
MOO Vintage Oversized Cardigan Trench

Sale price £49 £84
MOO Oversized Trench AMT3V

Sale price £49 £85
MOO Oversized Vintage Cardigan Trench with print

Sale price £76 £159



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Overall a great product that could use some adjustments

Overall this is a good product. Covers all the parts that need to be covered. It would also be nice if the waist of the shorts went higher up as the look of the tights appears a bit awkward that much higher up from the shorts.

Mine came with the threading of one of the pockets unraveled. For the price, this should not have happened.

Lower the price and slightly increase the quality for a five-star product.


Al-hamdulillah, IT'S A HIT IKHWAAN. In all honesty, humility, and fairness, this was really liked on the 'Eid. Baraakallah fee, ameen. I want more styles like the one I bought in more colors too. I love those jeans. PERFECT SUNNAH FOR ABOVE THE ANKLES WITHOUT THAT ULTRA HIGH-WATER STYLE THAT HAS BEEN A JIHAD FOR A LOT OF AMERICAN MUSLIMS(Whether they admit it or not, wa Allahu ta'alaa 'alim). Baraakallah fee, ameen.


The trousers are super comfy and really well made. Will def be ordering a couple more before Canadian winter hits!

Where can I get the white sweat pants also.


Masha’allah the best thobe I ever purchased , the material & details I just loved ( red trimming on the sleeves & pockets) ive gotten many compliments and I even gave a few akhis the website