QL Black Tracksuit Longline Top & Drop Crouch Jogger Sirwal

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Here is casual yet trendy suggestion for all the men out there! This black hoodie Tracksuit is ideal for jogging around, casual friend’s gathering, and for wearing at home. Having side pockets, elastic ankles and soft-quality fabric; it is user-friendly, comfortable as well as stylish.

QL BH Longline Hoodie Jubba in Indigo

Longline Hoodies, Trendy Jubba, Thobe, Kameez, Qamis, Oversized

This longline hoodie Jubba is basically a short Jubba with a hoodie to add a fashionable touch to the casual wear. It has side pockets and long sleeves, making it ideal to wear while praying as well. The hoodie of this short kameez or Qamis has a lace too to give you the exact hood-like-feeling.

QL X Longline Sweatshirt Thobe in Blue 

Longline Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Trendy Jubba, Thobe, Kameez, Qamis, Oversized

 Are you someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in short shirts yet want to be in the limelight? This Longline sweatshirt Thobe is just made for you! It is more like a combination of a long kameez or Qamis, sweatshirt and a Jubba. Made of extremely soft material, it has side pockets, long sleeves and a collar with zip. Certainly, an elegant clothing option for Muslim men!