Longline Hoodies Qamis

 QL VX X Longline Hoodie Thobe in Khaki 

This Longline hoodie Thobe is basically a Thobe or Qamis with a hoodie to add a fashionable touch to the casual wear. It has side pockets and long sleeves, making it ideal to wear while praying as well. The hoodie of this short kameez or Qamis  has a lace too to give you the exact hood-like-feeling



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Great Cargo Jogger

I like pants with a lot going on, my aesthetic is “more is more”. Lots of more embarrassing retailers are going with the fake-Off-White branding but these trousers are just well made, well-fitting based on MooMen’s sizing chart and a perfect partner for Yeezys.

Exactly as Needed

Right out the gate, I appreciate this retailer has a particular demographic as their target - I’m just a guy who likes drop-crotch trousers.
This style for me is not easy to come across; I like drop-crotch, I like strapping - these were epic when the ad appeared in my IG timeline.
Quality is nice and sturdy, delivery was quick and not many other places are selling clothing like this.
Grade A from me.


Of the 6 items I purchased, this one is the best. Nice design