MooMenn is the First Modest Urban Fashion Marketplace, bridging the gap between the traditional Islamic Clothing for Men and contemporary Men's fashion. We have come to offer a variety of choices for the Modern Muslim Men, and The Modest Men in general without compromising the values of Islamic dress code for Men. MooMenn garments design is inspired from a unique blend of fashion forward and Halal clothing for Men, carefully handpicked to comply with Halal standards for Modest Clothing for Muslim Men. Our customers’ testimonies and reviews make us always proud as we thrive, while shaping a new trend of Islamic Urban Clothing for Men. At MooMenn we endeavour every day to enhance your Modest Urban Clothing gear with fresh and Modern Islamic clothing for Men that ticks all the boxes for all of your occasions. MooMenn specialities derives into 3 main categories: 


Oversized Sweatshirt, Hoodies, Kimonos Tunics, Shirts and T-Shirts. 


Ankle Length and Loose Fit Bottoms Pants Trousers, Cargos, Jeans, Shorts and of course the famous Halal Swim Shorts. 


Wooden Watches, Wooden Sunglasses, Wooden Eyeglasses, Hats and More


Muslim Men Fashion