MooMenn, We have derived our inspiration from the modesty that is depicted in the dressing of Muslim men. The name “Moomenn” means “believer” in Arabic and keeping this as the basis of our intention to modernise the dedicated Muslim clothes, we have been able to create wonders. Men’s fashion in Islam, especially the Sirwal and Qamis, is untouched and largely left as it is. But having a strong belief in Allah and his revelations to guide us, we are thriving to bring some creativity and shed the light of fashion on this untouched area. Islamic Clothing for Men We saw the problem with traditional men clothing by closely observing their unsuitability for social gatherings, everyday wear, work, of street/urban dressing. Therefore, we embarked on a journey to introduce our own line of clothing that strived to rejuvenate the fashion sense of Muslim men by giving them ample options of cloths based upon the structure of Jubba, Qamis, Thobe, or Sirwal. At last, we—MOOMENN—have created a collection of fashionable, trendy, yet modest clothing, dedicated to the young and adult Muslim men to wear anytime, anywhere, for any occasion, all the while being proud of his identity and meaning within the dress code of Islam. We leave them with numerous options elicited from the traditional or classic Thobe, Jubba, QamisSirwal, Sharwal Kameez, and Kurta.  

How are we bringing a change? In almost all of the Muslim cultures, the types stated above are only limited and dedicated to being used for a prayer or official occasion. However, MOOMENN has brought a fresh and unique touch to the very fabric and structure of the dressing. By wearing our designs, the wearer is bound to look casual/urban, or sporty without compromising his identity as a Muslim.While our first priority is clothing, we are also stepping soon into other men’s fashion categories such as grooming through, and fragrances through. All of our product line up has the potential to level up to your expectation from a casual or urban styled traditional wearing.

Here are a few links to our popular collection.

Longline Sweatshirt JubbaLongline Hoodie Jubba, Longline Shirts & T-Shirt Jogger Sirwal and Tracksuits.


Assalamou Alaykom (Peace Be Upon You)

After a major breakdown I had in 2016, I quit my job and travelled back home in North Africa, to join my parents where I’ve spent some time there to recover, that’s when I have had the chance to spend more time in the mosque and learn more about Islam to get closer to Allah.

I couldn’t help but noticing then the lack of choice and variation in Islamic Casual/Fashion wear for Muslim Men, apart from the classic Kameez, Jubba or Thobe that you wear mostly for prayer or special occasions like Eid etc. and not really much for everyday wear.

Being a Muslim Man who should care about his appearance, I used to combine casual clothing & traditional Islamic garments to get a more contemporary look yet meet our Islamic dress code, without feeling alienated by the society we live in, especially in the west. 

Few months later, by the guidance of Allah SWT I’ve felt the urge to do something, that's when I’ve started to shape up the idea of creating an Online Marketplace for Muslim Fashion and lifestyle, and that’s when the name “MOOMENN” came to my mind, which is an Arabic word that translates to “Believer” 

May 2017 I came back to London and started my research, which led me to realised how so many young and adult Muslims around the world who were just like me, needed not only solutions but guidance as well, and so I began pursuing a dream to create a network of Modest clothing and accessories brands to build not only a hub of choices and variety for Muslims but also reaching out to Muslim writers to create an educational content for young and adult Muslims about our garments’ history and dress code.

Al Hamdoullillah, after several months of market research, building the business and founding partnerships, I’ve founded the project in Feb 2018 and launched the website couple of months later. 

MOOMENN team is working around the clock to offer Muslims around the world a One-Stop-Shop for all Islamic Fashion Categories, from Smart/Casual wear, Sportswear to Swimwear, Accessories and more, all without compromising our Islamic Identity and values, while fitting within any society in which we live. 

 May Allah purify our intentions and put baraka in our actions.

All praises due to Allah Soubhanahou wa Taala, who guided me All Along!

Let’s begin by saying Besmellah.  


In Islam, wearing nice clothes is allowed by all means as is evident from the Sunnah of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Quran. What isn’t allowed is extravagance or pride, which is translated as ‘looking down upon others’ by our Prophet (peace be upon him). Therefore, in a sense modest fashion is definitely allowed in Islam. Even if we look at the history of clothing amongst Muslims, we see this modesty in the form of flappy Sirwal and wide Qamis. In fact, throughout the ruling ages of Muslims such as Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphate, the Mamluk Sultanate, Ottoman Empire, Safavid Iran, the Mughal Empire, and all of those that aren’t mentioned here, there had been various forms of the Jubbah, Thobe, Qamis, and Sirwal. Although these names are more common in the rest of the Muslim world, including the Middle East and Africa, in Indian Subcontinent, there are different versions of these names; and therefore, different versions of the dress. “Shalwar” is worn to cover the lower body, while “Kameez” or “Kurta” are worn to cover the torso. The word Kurta can also be applied to a suit of Shalwar and Kameez sewn to form a certain fitting design. Sirwal, Qamis, and the rest of its derivatives are both for men and women. However, when it comes to women fashion, embellishment such as embroidery and different peripheral designs are applied. While this is also true for some regions in the men’s fashion, care is taken to make male clothes more modest and simple without the use of any vivid patterns.


MooMenn is the First Modest Urban Fashion Marketplace, bridging the gap between the traditional Islamic Clothing for Men and contemporary Men's fashion. We have come to offer a variety of choices for the Modern Muslim Men, and The Modest Men in general without compromising the values of Islamic dress code for Men. MooMenn garments design is inspired from a unique blend of fashion forward and Halal clothing for Men, carefully handpicked to comply with Halal standards for Modest Clothing for Muslim Men. Our customers’ testimonies and reviews make us always proud as we thrive, while shaping a new trend of Islamic Urban Clothing for Men. At MooMenn we endeavour every day to enhance your Modest Urban Clothing gear with fresh and Modern Islamic clothing for Men that ticks all the boxes for all of your occasions. MooMenn specialities derives into 3 main categories: 


Oversized Sweatshirt, Hoodies, Kimonos Tunics, Shirts and T-Shirts. 


Ankle Length and Loose Fit Bottoms Pants Trousers, Cargos, Jeans, Shorts and of course the famous Halal Swim Shorts. 


Wooden Watches, Wooden Sunglasses, Wooden Eyeglasses, Hats and More


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